Laurina Jean Retro

Laurina Jean Retro photo shoot with Pinned Photography


A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of modelling for Australian clothing company Laurina Jean Retro.

The shoot took place at the gorgeous Gold Coast and the weather was beautiful! I was really excited to finally met the photographer Kelly from Pinned Photography as I’d been admiring her work for quite some time.

Floral halterpp

I was also delighted to be sharing the modelling with the stunning Kat Creasey. Kat is well known and respected in the Kustom Kulture scene. As well as being a sought after retro model she also is a makeup artist, hair stylist and hosts several markets in the Gold Coast / Brisbane area.

We had a fun day modelling several dresses for Laurina Jean Retro and the photos were taken at many locations around the Gold Coast.

To check out more of Kelly’s amazing photos head to her Facebook  page  and follow Kat Creasey at

To purchase the dresses from the shoot check out Laurina Jean’s website at ~

Photo credits ~ Pinned Photography



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