A Bela Vida Beauty ~ Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash Extensions have always intrigued me as I’m a big fan of long luscious lashes. I had one bad experience at a salon back in 2008 where they pretty much all fell out within a couple of days and I hadn’t bothered with them since.

Fast forward to 2016 where I think eyelash extension quality and technique has improved immensely!

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting A Bela Vida Salon conveniently situated in the centre of the CBD in Tamworth to try out some eyelash extensions.

Belinda the owner of the salon, provides fantastic customer service and is a lovely person. I decided to go for the longest, most full lashes with a curve. Bel also attached a few purple lashes through the outer corner of my eye for fun! She has a range of different colours she can place through the black lashes if you’re after something a bit different.

The process took around two hours though I think if you go for a less dramatic look the time would be less. I honestly didn’t mind though as it’s such a relaxing environment and Bel and I had a good old chat which made the time fly.

The maintenance for the eyelash extensions is quite low. Bel gave me a mascara wand type brush to comb them with daily. She also recommended I use a natural non chemical eye makeup remover (I use jojoba oil).

I’ve had my lashes on a week now and I love them! I find it reduces the time it takes me to do my makeup as I don’t have to glue on false lashes. It also makes you feel more made up when you’re make up free.

Each person has their own preferences. For me I love this look for all year round though some people might find it nice to do for a special occasion or for the Christmas period.

The cost for the eyelash extensions is $85 which I think is very reasonable. It varies though most people get around 3 weeks before the lash extensions start getting sparse. At  A Bela Vida, Belinda believes in doing another full set instead of just infills so that you have a perfect new set of eyelashes each time.

If you’d like to book in or have any questions please phone A Bela Vida Beauty on ~ 5712 0434, call into the beautiful salon at 322 Peel Street or check them out on Facebook or Instagram.



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