A Bela Vida Beauty ~ ARTÉMES Lashes Review


ARTÉMES lashes stand at Tamworth’s A Bela Vida Beauty


Labelled as “the world’s most luxurious lashes” ARTÉMES lashes are now available in Tamworth at A Bela Vida Beauty.

Belinda (the manager of popular A Bela Vida Medi Spa located in Tamworth’s Peel Street) is now stocking a selection of this beautiful range that is used by celebrities including Kourtney Kardashian, Delta Goodrem, Sophie Monk and many more.

I was thrilled to try these out as I love wearing false eyelashes! I feel like my eyes kinda look bald now without them.

ARTÉMES lashes are a higher price point than regular lashes but they are extremely high quality they can be used for up to 25 times if used carefully.

I chose the style Twice Bitten to try out. ARTÉMES Twice Bitten are are a medium volume style with a hand-crafted cotton band, and the eyelash lengths are between 9mm and 15mm. These lashes retail for AU$45.00.Twice_Bitten_grande

ARTÉMES Twice Bitten lashes 

At the time of writing this blog I’m up at around my 10th time of wearing these lashes. They are staying in really great shape. I’ve been keeping them in the gorgeous box that comes along with the lashes and I’ve been using a damp cotton ball along the band to help remove the glue.

If you work out the cost of the lashes in terms of use (priced at $45 for 25 times) they work out at $1.80 per wear which is quite reasonable. I have tried quite a few lash brands over the years and the ARTÉMES ones measure up very well! They make an impact without looking fake.

If you’re in Tamworth NSW and would like more information on the ARTÉMES lashes pop in and see Belinda and the girls at A Bela Vida at 322 Peel Street or give them a ring on 02 5712 0434.


A few pics of me wearing the ARTÉMES Twice Bitten lashes. For more photos please check out my Instagram account






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