Collaboration with Issi Dye ~ Frankie & Johnny


I’m excited to announce that my latest single Frankie and Johnny, a collaboration with Australian entertainer Issi Dye, has been officially released today! The single is available on iTunes 🎙️🎶

Tamworth Rockabilly singer Shelley Minson and Australian veteran entertainer Issi Dye have recently collaborated on a new version of an old classic – Frankie and Johnny.
The song’s origins can be traced back to the late 1800s and a multitude of artists have recorded it over the years but this is the first time the song has been performed as a duet.
There are also many variations of the lyrics. Shelley’s producer/husband Lawrie Minson compiled an up to date lyric based on a number of existing versions. “I took some of the best parts from a number of different singers and arrangements and I compiled it into a new version for Shelley and Issi. The song is also an example of how recordings take place these days with Issi recording his vocals in Melbourne, Shelley here in Tamworth and front-line instruments such as fiddle by Hugh Curtis, recorded on the Gold Coast” Lawrie said.
In the past, Issi has mostly recorded cover songs and tribute albums. He has said that Frankie and Johnny is the first original recording he has done in 35 years.
“As a new artist, I feel quite honoured to have been asked by Issi to record with him. He truly is a legend in Australian entertainment. He has been performing since the 60s and is still as busy as ever. He is a true inspiration” Shelley said.
The single comes hot on the heels of Shelley’s debut album Rockability and will be included as a bonus track on her album.

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