Natural Hair Stroke Brows ~ Kelli Thiesz 4 Ever Glamourous


Eyebrows one week after microblading.

I was an eyebrow overplucker in the 90s and to be honest, brows were never high on my list of priorities! It was about 2014 when I noticed the beauty industry really focusing on brows and strong brows were definitely in style. I suddenly realised my brows were a mess! I tried numerous products from all different price ranges but struggled to get my eyebrows to look good as years of overplucking had left them fairly non existent.

Fast forward to 2016 where I saw reviews about a cosmetic tattooing procedure called microblading or 3D feather touch brows. After some recommendations I was led to Kelli Thiez. Kelli has had years of experience in the beauty and cosmetic tattooing field and after looking at pictures of her work I promptly arranged an appointment.

At present Kelli is working out of the famous Sibina Cosmetic Tattoo Art studio at the Gold Coast and the Labb Salon in Brisbane.

The first time I met Kelli I felt like I was in good hands and instantly comfortable. Kelli is extremely professional but is also a lovely person. I enjoy my chats with Kelli as she is so experienced in the beauty industry and is very knowledgeable. Kelli also specialises in eyeliner and lip cosmetic tattooing.

The procedure takes around 2 hours. Numbing cream is applied and while waiting for that to take effect Kelli maps out your face and pencils in a flattering shape to suit your features. Time is taken to match the correct colour.

The tattoing procedure is fairly painless although I have noticed that when I’ve been tired it has hurt more. The pain is definitely manageable though! It feels like a scratchy feeling on your skin.

There is aftercare in which full information is given to you after your appointment. I have felt no pain afterwards and have continued to do activites as normal. Your brows are darker particularly on day 2 – 3. Over the next two weeks they will settle with the true colour developing by week 4-6.

A re-touch / adjustment appointment is included in the initial cost and needs to be done withing 12 weeks from the treatment.

Depending on various factors including the colour that you have had done, you may need to have the procedure repeated every  1 – 3 years.

I had my first sessions in 2016 and although I could still see the feather touch brows  it was not quite as defined by 2018. I had the procedure again this year in June. I have just had my retouch in September. The above picture was taken today, one week after the microblading.

The main thing I would like to say is that I LOVE IT!! When my brows are healed I will probably still use a light brow pomade but the hard work is gone! I no longer have the ordeal of trying to get matching brows and the shape is 100% every time.

This is a procedure not to be taken lightly and you should only go to someone after you have researched their work. I highly recommend Kelli as she is a total pro and really puts 110% into her work! If you’re interested, here are the links to Kelli’s social media.



For further inquires please contact Kelli on ~ 0438 061 496


Kelli and I at the Labb Salon Brisbane after my having my brows freshly done.



2 days after brow touch up ~ loving the shape!

before after

Before / after 







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