December 2018

Shelley Minson

Shelley Minson and her guitar playing husband Lawrie are based in Country Music Capital -Tamworth NSW and they play a fun mix of Rockabilly and Honky Tonk.

Shelley has just released a new single titled Good News Bad News which is a fun song about a man who gets some good news and some bad news from his former lover.

Shelley has the Parkes Elvis festival and Ballarat Beat festival lined up for 2019 and (of course…) the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

With her 50s era look and her upbeat music, Shelley has been a become very popular with country fans and especially those who like to dance.

“I’m thrilled to have so many amazing musicians featured on Good News Bad News and I’m really looking forward to working the song into our live set” Shelley said.

Shelley will be releasing her new album in early 2019.

E: shelleyminson@outlook.com
Mb: 0418523490



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