Rockabilly Man

Around the world there are hundreds of good songs written very day but how many of those ‘good ‘songs are hits? The best way to write a hit song is with a hit maker. Start with a call to Ross Wilson. From the monster hits Eagle Rock and Bed of Nails to John Farnham’s Touch of Paradise, Ross Wilson is a man who knows his songs. He also happens to include Lawrie and Shelley Minson on his list of friends.

Lawrie worked with Ross in the 90’s on Jimmy Barnes enormously successful acoustic album Flesh and Wood. They have remained close friends and when Shelley was looking for a new Rockabilly single, everything fell into place. Despite suffering a bout of food poisoning at the time, Ross penned the verses and chorus of Rockabilly Man in rapid succession. With Lawrie adding some guitar licks and Shelley sketching the melody it was completed and ready for the studio.

Lawrie called on the expertise of James Gillard and Scott Hills to lay down the band track and then piano wizard Garry Steel to add his great honky tonk licks. Aleyce Simmonds very graciously contributed backing vocals and Lawrie completed the electric guitars, mixed the song and took it to Steve Newton at ENREC in Tamworth for mastering.

Rockabilly Man is a song about a girl in love with a hip Rockabilly guitar slinger. He plays in a band but she’s his girl and has got what it takes to keep him.

A collection of videos I’ve been involved with over the past few years…

Bettie Page – Betty Bang tribute by Shelley Minson

Bettie Bang is the first professional video clip from Shelley Minson. Co-written with her husband Lawrie Minson, Bettie Bang was recorded at ENREC Studios Tamworth and the clip was directed by Jason Archer from Attitude Productions, Tamworth NSW Australia.

Bettie Bang showcases the musical talents of Ezra Lee, Nick Buda, James Gillard, Michael Vidale and Lawrie Minson. Bettie Bang is a tribute to the 50’s Pin Up Icon Bettie Page.

2015 Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender Car Show with CHERRY DOLLFACE

I was thrilled to be featured in Cherry Dollface’s video of the 2015 Viva Las Vegas Car show! It’s always so exciting to see this modern day Pin Up Icon! 

I had the pleasure of interviewing Cherry Dollface for Australia’s Pin Up Skool magazine in 2014 and Miss Cherry has featured my first recording Bettie Bang in one of her you tube videos. 

Cherry Dollface will be visiting Australia again in August hosting a range of vintage hair and make up classes, doing hair and make up for Pin Up photo shoots and attending both the Greazefest events.

Email for more details.

Wanita – Hell hath no fury

I had a ball playing the role of ‘Sandy’ in the video clip of Hell Hath No Fury by Australia’s Honky Tonk Queen Wanita. The clip was directed by the multi award winning Duncan Toombs. The role of Wanita’s husband is played by Tamworth local musician and clown, Rodney Walker.

Brent Larkham – You want a man

I was thrilled to be asked to play the lead female role in my good friend Brent Larkham’s You Want A Man clip. The clip was shot in Tamworth by local director Luke Oldknow.

The making of Charlie & Boots – Giddy up

I had a great time featuring in the 2009 Paul Hogan movie Charlie & Boots! I played the role of the backup singer / tambourine girl in the country band also featuring Matt Scullion, my husband Lawrie Minson, Brent Tomlin, Brett Lobsey and Tony Sargent.

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